Race Weekend

Charm City Cross Technical Guide 2016
Charm City Cross
Saturday October 8 & Sunday October 9, 2016
Druid Hill Park
Baltimore, Maryland USA

The Venue
Druid Hill Park is a beautiful, historic 745 acre urban park established in 1859.

The Event
Charm City Cross in 2016 will mark the 12th annual Charm City Cross and our Seventh year as a UCI sanctioned race. This is a Category 1 and 2 UCI and USA Cycling cyclocross event. The event will be held under UCI regulations and USA Cycling Permit. UCI scale of penalties and USAC penalties will apply.

Registration- www.bikereg.com/charmcitycross
Registration Fees:  $45 for UCI Elite events, $15 for AmateurU19 and junior events, $20 for Elite U19 Men,
$35 for all other events.  Lil’ Belgians Free
Online registration closes on Wednesday, October 5th at 8:00pm
There is also a nominal fee to register online with BikeReg.
No mail-in registration.
No Refunds

On Site Late Registration may be available for non-UCI classes, however we urge you to register online to avoid the additional $10 same day registration fee. UCI racers must preregister.

The registration pavilion will open by 7:30am and closes 30minutes before each race.

Licensing Requirements
The UCI Elite Men/U23 Men, UCI Elite Women/U23 Women must have a current International License. A domestic USAC license is acceptable for all other categories.

Annual and One Day USAC licenses will be available for sale at the registration booth. Only participants in races including Cat 5 men and Cat 4 women may race on a one-day license.

NOTE ON RACING AGE:  Your racing age is your age as of December 31, 2017 (not 2016.)

Note:  There will be no separate payout for the U23 Men and U23 Women racing in the UCI categories.

Schedule for both Saturday and Sunday

8:30am        20 minutes         Junior 9-14 Men and Women
9:00am        40 minutes         Cat 4/5 Men (field limit 135)
10:00am        40 minutes         Cat 3/4 Women, Cat 1/2/3/4 Masters Women 40+, Cat 4/5 9-18 Amateur Men & Women (field limit 135)
11:00am         45 minutes        Cat 1/2/3/4 Masters Men 45+, Elite 9-18 Men(field limit 135)
12:00pm         45 minutes        Cat 1/2/3/4 Masters Men 35+, Cat 1/2/3/4 Masters Men 55+/60+ (field limit 135)
1:00pm                                 Lil’ Belgians Kids Race
1:15pm         45 minutes        Cat 3/4 Men (field limit 135)
2:15pm         45 minutes        UCI Elite Women/U23 Women/Master Women 35+ (field limit 125)
3:15pm         60 minutes        UCI Elite Men/U23 Men (field limit 125)

Note: For the races with combined fields the 135 field limit is for the COMBINED field, not each individual field.

BikeReg will be set up such that once the limit has been reached for the combined field registration will close for each of the individual fields within that combined field.

The course will be open for inspection and warm-up approximately 15minutes prior to each event.  The officials will make an announcement when the course has been opened for inspection.  Warming up on the course during an event is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated.  We suggest you inspect the course at least two slots before your race as you will need to get to the starting grid 15 minutes before your start time for staging.

Event Layout
Course Description
This is a traditional Charm City Cross course looping through historic DRUID HILL PARK.
-A Combination of pavement, flagstone walkway, grass, dirt, sand, and obstacles will be used.

Saturday course description
The course begins with a 250m slightly uphill paved road start with a wide, sweeping right turn onto a grass and dirt surface with no sharp turns and plenty of room for passing. To stretch the race out a bit after entering the grass a sweeping left turn will carry the race to the base of the paver climb to the Zoo Mansion House. You will descend a series of turns through the grassy meadow as riders make their way back to the treed gully before entering the first side of the pit. Upon exiting the pit, riders will climb to the second highest point of the course but not before ascending the Charm City steps on the way up.  To add to your enjoyment, you will descend back toward the pit and return to the second high point for a second time. Initiated by a sweeping right hand berm the gentlest part of the course winds toward a road crossing before heading up to the sand pits. Each of the four passes through the sand is ridable, but can become a short run. From there, riders enter a meandering downhill that leads to a short climb before hitting the pavement of the finish stretch. Past the finish riders make a large sweeping right hand turn that returns you to grass and brings you into the sharp right 90 prior to the set of planks beneath the announcer’s stage. Past the stage, riders make a left hand turn making their way around the ballfield to the flyover that will bring them back around to the second side of the pit. Upon leaving the pit for the second time, the course passes the team tents and the off camber hillside turns.  Following this section, riders return to the point they entered the course proper for another go at the short hill section.  The course is 2.8km in length not including the just under 0.5km prologue with several sections allowing recovery and as many as 4 dismounts per lap.  Note: Course description is subject to change and the sand section might be removed for the UCI elite races.

Course Map for Saturday



Sunday course description
The Sunday course starts and finishes the same as Saturday’s version. The switch is in a direction change to the race after the descent from the Zoo Mansion House. After exiting the pit the first time, you take the flyover to the back side sandpits and back through the finish. After the barriers and passing the announcing stage, riders go under the flyover returning to the reversed course. The course is 2.8km in length with several sections allowing recovery and has either 3 or 4 dismounts per lap.  Note: Course description is subject to change and the sand section might be removed for the UCI elite races.


Prize Schedule for  Elite Men and Elite Women
This is the minimum payout in US dollars. We reserve the right to increase the prize payouts.

Place Men Women
1 416 416
2 214 214
3 143 143
4 107 107
5 101 101
6 95 95
7 89 89
8 83 83
9 77 77
10 71 71
11 65 65
12 59 59
13 54 54
14 48 48
15 42 42
16 30 30
17 30 30
18 30 30
19 30 30
20 30 30

** The Elite Mens payout amounts are net and reflect the 2% that the organizers are required to deduct for the Council for the Fight Against Doping (CFAD).  Note: we are paying above the UCI minimum prize for the elite women so that the prizes for the elite women are equal to those of the elite men.

UCI Points Schedule – Class 2

Place Elite Men Elite Women
1 40 40
2 30 30
3 20 20
4 15 15
5 10 10
6 8 8
7 6 6
8 4 4
9 2 2
10 1 1

Prize Schedule for the other races
Cat1/2/3/4 Master Men 35+: $420 (8 deep)
Cat1/2/3/4 Master Men 45+: $420 (8 Deep)
Cat1/2/3/4 Master Men 55+: Medals or Merch (3 deep)
Cat1/2/3/4 Master Men 60+: Medals or Merch (3 Deep)
Cat 3/4Men: Merch (7 Deep)
Cat 4Men: Medals or Merch (7 Deep)
Cat 3/4Women: Medals or Merch (7 deep)
Cat1/2/3/4 Master Women 40+: $160 (3 Deep)
Elite 9-18 Men: Medals or $150 (3 Deep)
Amateur 9-18 Men: Medals or Merch (3 Deep)
Amateur 9-18 Women: Medals or Merch (3 Deep)

Start Line Protocol
Racers must report to the holding pen adjacent to the starting grid for staging 15 minutes before the start of their race. If you arrive late you will be staged at the back.

Call-Up Protocol
All racers will be staged sequentially by race number.

Race numbers will be assigned based on the following: UCI points (most recently published), MAC Series points (most recently published, i.e. standings after Nittany), order of registration, late registrants, and promoter’s discretion.

Note: The Cat 4/5 Men’s race will be staged by order of registration.

Note that feeding during competition is generally prohibited. However, if the temperature is above 20 degrees C (68 degrees F), the Chief Commissaire MAY authorize feeding during a race.  If feeding is permitted it must be done in the Pit lane, but is not allowed during the first two and final two laps of the race.

Lapped Riders in UCI Events (UCI Rule 5.1.051): All riders lapped before the final lap must leave the race the next time they cross the finish line. The rider will be given a placing if he or she was lapped more than half way through the race.   A rider who is lapped on the final lap shall be stopped at the beginning of the finishing straight line and shall be given a placing on the basis of his or her position. Additionally, Commissaires may pull riders who are behind by more than 80% of the leaders lap time.

Lapped Riders in Non-UCI Events: Lapped riders will finish on the same lap as the leaders. Riders in danger of being lapped must yield to oncoming racers and are not to interfere with their progress or trail behind them.

There will be one double-sided pit on the course.  Only authorized personnel are allowed access to the pit and must have their pit pass displayed at all times.   Pit passes will be distributed at registration to each competitor (one per entrant) in UCI events (Elite Men, Elite Women).

In non-UCI events only those working the pit will be allowed. The pit official will have the authority to remove anyone that is interfering with the proper functioning of the pit.

We will have bike racks in the Pit.  These are for racers that are currently racing, not for storing your equipment all day. Please remove your equipment immediately following your race to make room for others.

Bike washdown will be approximately 50m from the pit with two pressure washers available.

No flat bars or tires wider than 33mm will be allowed in UCI events (Elite Men, Elite Women). Officials will check tires in the holding pen prior to the start of the UCI races.  NO FAT BIKES WILL BE ALLOWED ON COURSE, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Anti-doping is under the control of USADA in accordance with UCI regulations.  The location of the anti-doping area will be noted on site.

Medical/First Aid
A Medical Doctor and registered EMT will be on site, set up near the registration pavilion.

Closest hospital:
Sinai Hospital
2401 W Belvedere Ave, Baltimore, MD

Directions to Sinai Hospital:

From downtown Baltimore, take I-83 North (Jones Falls Expressway) to Exit 10,Northern Parkway West. At third traffic signal, take a left onto W. Belvedere Avenue, Sinai Hospital will be on your left.

Parking Information and Directions to Druid Hill Park
You can plug Hanlon Dr. Baltimore, MD 21211 into Google Maps

Directions from points North and West of Baltimore
The directions below are from I-83.  You can get to I-83 in the following ways:
From Philly: I-95 to I-695 to I-83 South
From Central PA:  I-83 South
From WV:  I-70E to I-695N to I-83 South

From I-83 Take exit 7 (west) to Druid Park Lake Drive.
Make a right at the light onto Swann Drive to enter the park, continue on Hanlon Dr.
At the second stop sign, make a left onto Mansion House Drive.

Directions from points South of Baltimore
-I-95N to Exit 53 I-395N toward ML King Blvd
-Continue on ML King Blvd
-Turn LEFT on McCulloh St/MD-129
-Turn RIGHT at Druid Park Lake Dr.
-Turn LEFT at Madison Ave
-Continue on Swann Dr
-Continue on Hanlon Dr
-At the second stop sign make a left to access the event. Parking is along Hanlon Dr, the reservoir designated parking areas, and Grove Rd, the Start section in previous editions of CCCX.

CLUB Parking will be behind the CLUB Tents, so please keep an eye out for CLUB Tent Registration..available on BIKEREG.

VIP Parking will be at the bottom of Mansion Dr and around the “Triangle” near the finish. If you have not worked out a VIP pass please do not expect to get one day of.

Event General Parking is FREE and is on Swann Dr., East Dr. and Grove Rd. Do Not expect to park on Mansion Dr  and please Do Not park on the grass!

Druid Hill Park is a very spectator friendly venue with good sight lines of the entire track from a central location.  Most spectators congregate in the area adjacent to the Union Craft Brewing beer garden, natural barrier (tree planter), and sand.  The Lil’ Belgians course, kid’s playground, food vendor area, and beer garden are also right there.  Bring the family and enjoy the day.  We will have clean port-o-john’s and hand sanitizer adjacent to the Registration/Finish Line area.  These will be delivered the morning of the race.  There are other port-o-john’s scattered around the Park but those will not be clean and we do not recommend using them.

Radisson at Cross Keys. (Check travel sites for other options)

Event Staff
Event Organizer: Kristopher Auer
Organizer Address: 725 W. 36th Street, Baltimore, MD 21211 USA
Technical Director: Jay Lazar
Media Director: Tommy Bullough and Anne Rock
Registration Director: Kyle Kranz
Operations Director: Jim McNeely
Sponsoring Club: Charm City Cycling
With assistance from: Jamsquad Cycling

Commissaires Panel

UCI President: Jim Crompton
Commissaire/ACR: Mimi Newcastle
Commissaire: Alan Atwood
Chief Judge: Barbara Whitelaw
Assistant Judge: Janet Yencha
Assistant Judge: Jared Ferber
Race Secretary: Lew Strader
Apprentice: Jon Agazz

Event History
Elite Champions
2005 Ryan Leech & Sami Fournier
2006 Ryan Leech & Deidre Winfield
2007 Davide Frattini & Carolyn Popovic
2008 Michael Gallagher & Laura Van Gilder
2009 Davide Frattini & Laura Van Gilder
2010 Day 1: Davide Frattini & Laura Van Gilder
2010 Day 2: Davide Frattini & Laura Van Gilder
2011 Day 1: Tom van Denbosch & Helen Wyman
2011 Day 2:  Ian Field & Helen Wyman
2012 Day 1: Nicolas Bazin & Helen Wyman
2012 Day 2: Nicolas Bazin & Helen Wyman
2013 Day 1: Jonathan Page & Helen Wyman
2013 Day 2: Stephen Hyde & Helen Wyman
2014 Day 1: Cameron Dodge & Helen Wyman
2014 Day 2: Stephen Hyde & Helen Wyman
2015 Day 1: Curtis White & Emma White
2015 Day 2: Curtis White & Emma White

Countdown to Charm City Cross
2017 Race Weekend Starts in...October 7th, 2017
49 days to go.

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